Monday, September 8, 2008

RED CHAIR EVENT September 7, 2001

Last evening at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center here in Orlando, over 2000 people turned out for the fourth annual Red Chair event. There was every kind of art imaginable, inside, outside and in the lobby. Our meetup group K.A.T.N., led by Sara Ashton, had 43 members turn out (we took up a good part of two rows). Everyone had a blast. The support for the arts here in Central Florida was very much in evidence. And some restaurants are offering special discounts for this month if you go before or after one of the shows. Where else could you see so much talent in one place at one time? I hope some of you were also there and enjoyed it as much as we did. Afterwards we all floated happily for dessert and coffee at Cheesecake Factory to finish off the meal we began at Brio's before the show.

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