Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th with Jill Badonsky


WHO SHE IS: Author, Humorist, Creativity Coach, Corporate Drop Out

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW HER: Because her book on creativity will keep you happy for at least a year and it only costs $19.95!

The first time I met Jill was at Urban Think Bookstore (our favorite cult bookstore in downtown Orlando. I had just finished reading her first book The Nine Modern Day Muses and a bodyguard. When I got my newsletter from Urban Think announcing her book signing, I had to run down to meet this Creative Goddess. Jill did not disappoint. She was charming and most of all-dare I say-very cool. It was one of times that we have here in Florida in the rainy season that her signing was preempted by the downpour and almost no one dared out. She was so calm and unassuming even with the spare turnout, that it blew my mind. I love writing and belong to several writing groups here in town and do struggle with my writing-not enough time, not enough ideas, too many pressures etc. so unbeknownst to me, writers must also face the challenge of the weather with stoic ease as well. Told you she didn’t disappoint me.

Since that time I joined her Creative Coaching and became a Certified Muse Coach. She joined with Dr. Meurer to establish the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and also began her Body Blissmas (and a happy new rear) coaching.

So my initial meeting has blossomed into a real friendship with Jill and continued admiration for her continuing project to guide other artists of all kinds with their stumbling blocks. Many of her clients include well known artists, lyricists, song writers, poets, singers and other writers and also struggling artists like me J. So I was so excited that she agreed to include my blog on her blog tour (who doesn’t want to be a VINA (very important nerdy artist)?


Jill, we are so pleased and privileged to have you visit us here in Orlando again, but this time it is something totally different. This is not a book tour. It is a blog tour! I do have some questions for you, if you don't mind, about this tour for my readers.


Who do you think is your primary audience for your new book, THE AWE-MANAC?

Anyone who likes to laugh, think creatively, discover joy in the small things and is tolerant of my quirky style.

What do you think is the most important barrier to creativity and how will the Awe-Manac address that?

I think fear is a huge barrier. It masquerades itself as procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism, and even staying comfortable in routines that don't serve us. The Awe-manac is designed to nourish people's creativity a little each day. Small steps side-step fear. If people at the very least, read the creative prompts, the quotes and explore the illustrations, there will be a subliminal response of being more creative without really trying. It's a very manipulative book.

What is the best way to read this book?

The best way varies according to the day, the mood, and your intuitive. For most people I think it would be just to read a page a day. For others in need of a little adventure outside of the rules, just open the book to any page and see what message the book is trying to tell you.

Do you think people other than writers should dive in as well to the suggestions in the book?

The prompts are also for artists, musicians, and anyone who wants to "create" a more joy-filled existence.

Have to ask, what gave you the idea to write this which is very different from your first book, THE MODERN NINE DAY MUSES?

Actually, I got the idea in the same way as the Muse book in that I took something already existing, (the nine Greek Muses in the first book and The Farmer's Almanac in this book) and reinvented it to deliver my message of creative joy. I had lots of creativity prompts from classes and workshops I've done for the last 20 years, so having a daily place to supply them inspired me. Both books are filled Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Priniciples.

I first met you when you were on your book tour for that first book, here in Orlando at Urban Think Bookstore for your book signing. Will you miss being at Urban Think this time? Why did you decide to do a blog tour instead? Are you having fun doing the blog tour as it is an innovative move on your part to do your new book this way?

Urban Think is a way cool bookstore and I will miss going there. In this economic climate, I'm saving money, time and resources by visiting people in cyber fashion. this is lot of fun too because there's so many wonderful blogs out there. My readers and their readers are cross-pollinating in the interest of new inspiration and discovery.

What other innovative things can we expect from you in the future?

Thanks for having faith in me in that way. I am planning a documentary about choreographing complicated performance-art dance with mid-life, non-dancers using very small steps. I'm also developing products to go with the Modern Day Muse book and The Awe-manac. Another book seems to be yanking at my skirt as well.. this one even more quirky and less of the self-help genre. I'd really like to write a novel about a self-help author who is a basket case, but I'm still collecting the information for that one.

Thanks for these wonderful questions Margie!

You are most welcome, Jill.

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Thanks to all of you for visiting.

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